It Is Obvious

Tim and Susan spend every day trying to make money online. They use Facebook to join groups like Click Funnels and they often try to follow the advice of Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez and countless others.


They did everything: they joined Legendary Marketer, Easy 1 Up, Six Figure Mentors, they started a YouTube channel they opened up a Tik Tok, they even tried FB ads and post daily on Instagram. They tried SEO, Google PPC, Bing & Yahoo too. They bought plugs from influencers as well!


They feel like they have tried everything and no matter what they do they make little to no money at all. The only consistent result they have seen is their bank balance dropping.

Their hearts are in the right place they are dedicated and remain motivated to never give up but there has to be a better way, there just has to be.

3 THOUGHTS: The Future Of Social Media Revenue

You see Tim and Susan are not just business partners they are serial Entrepreneurs they know what they’re doing, and they will not allow themselves to be convinced that the $400,000 they have already pumped into the internet is going to be a failure, a total loss.

They believe they can identify the right methods on their own they are convinced that this internet thing is just about finding the right secret sauce so they can just sit back and start counting their profits while they sip margaritas in Fiji!


John & Ellen think they can make money by spending nothing at all. They think they can just hang out on social media and read all the Tai Lopez, Gary Vee, Frank Kern and Sam Ovens teachings, then, because they are so smart, they will just take what they hear and apply it to converting profits. They are much smarter than all those insane people that spend money on services and courses, they will show everyone how it’s done!

They tried Clickbank so they can just sell someone else’s product and get 50%+, genius right? They would just post for free all over the place and make it happen. The internet finally broke them. They didn’t believe that they would need to pay for advertising but they finally gave in. The next shocker rears it’s ugly head: this would not leave enough profit margin with the percentage ClickBank was willing to share. They even tried the JV (Joint venture) websites and ended up in the same predicament.

The truth of the matter is they are both 100% wrong because you cannot do it for free and you cannot guarantee yourself success with $400,000 and past business success savvy either!

If you’re sick and tired of pretending you are getting closer to success. If you are fed up with trying to uncover the industry secrets that deliver results to those people that seem to live a charmed online business life. Fill out the short form below after you have done what I asked of you (watched the videos.)

It is that simple and hey if nothing else makes sense then just ask yourself this question: how many websites write about their competitors by name, fearlessly, not having a care in the world that they will lose business to them by plugging them on their very own website?

We have nothing to fear, and neither will you! You just need to act now, watch the short videos and fill the form!